Making the history of AIDS in the periphery

The history of the AIDS epidemic has largely been studied from the perspective of large urban centres, such as Paris, New York or Toronto, and their archive centres. We propose here to counter this historiographical trend and to explore this history from the peripheries, i.e. both from cities considered "secondary" in their continental spaces (as opposed to urban centres such as Paris, London or New York), such as Marseilles or Montreal, but also from rare or even unpublished archives or perspectives. We thus intend to draw up a portrait, both different and complementary, of what this epidemic was, of the way in which populations, in particular sexual minorities, faced it, and of the traces that may have been left in the French-speaking world, in order to question and fill in the blind spots in socio-historical research on the fight against AIDS.

Conference organised from Wednesday 11 May 2022 to Thursday 12 May 2022, by Alexandre Klein (University of Ottawa) and Gabriel Girard (Inserm) at the 89th ACFAS conference.
 Paul-Emmanuel Odin
artistic director
La compagnie, place de création, Marseille.
Emma-Romain Bigé
Professor of Philosophy / Epistemology of Art at the École supérieure d'art d'Aix-en-Provence.

Thematic days
VIRALITIES II. "AIDS crisis is still beginning" 21 & 22 March 2022

After a first series of study days devoted to the troubled relationship between art, information and pandemics, the École d'art d'Aix-en-Provence returns to viralities on the occasion of the exhibition HIV/AIDS. How have sexuality, pornography, our relationship to plants, the body, politics and theory been restructured by their encounter with HIV?

These study days invite artists, activists & theorists to think together about what AIDS is doing to the arts. with Isabelle Alfonsi, Antonia Baehr, Emma Bigé, Sam Bourcier, Marie Canet, Jule Fierl, Paul-Emmanuel Odin, Benoît Piéron,
François Piron, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Régis Samba Kounzi
and Ghita Skali
 On 12 February, at the Maison de la Conversation: an interdisciplinary cultural event that questions the cultural representations in which men lock themselves despite themselves.

How to identify and deconstruct the injunctions that weigh on men in a patriarchal society? How can we free ourselves from the codes that lock us into a role predefined for us?
Between stage and choreographic performance, film creation, photo exhibition, sound experience and conversation, the choreographer and director Pascal Beugré-Tellier guides us through these questions with his creation Demasculinize me.

This multi-faceted artistic event invites us to take another look at bodies and the tacit laws they obey without understanding them, and to rethink the way we conceive (gender) identity and its representations.

10 rue Maurice Grimaud 75018
 Exhibition ‟HIV/AIDS - The epidemic is not over! ‟ at the Mucem, from Wednesday 15 December 2021 to Monday 2 May 2022

The exhibition ‟HIV/AIDS, the epidemic is not over! ‟traces the social and political history of AIDS. The fight against the epidemic has revealed situations of inequality and stigmatisation, giving rise to numerous demands for access to treatment and care, the reinforcement of rights, and the visibility of the people and groups affected. By offering both a retrospective and a contemporary view, the exhibition defines itself as a contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Putting AIDS in the museum does not mean burying it; on the contrary, it means reaffirming its relevance, as shown by the title of the exhibition, which takes up a historic slogan of Act Up: the epidemic is not over!
 ONLINE SHOW || HIV/AIDS, the live show

Discover a preview of the exhibition "HIV/AIDS, the epidemic is not over" by following our special online broadcast on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on Sunday 12 December at 7pm. 

A programme presented by journalist Stéphane Stasi, accompanied by Florent Molle (curator of the exhibition), Marie-Charlotte Calafat (Head of the Collections and Documentary Resources Department at the Mucem), the artist Régis Samba Kounzi around one of his works during a walk through the exhibition and Patricia Enel, President of the Coordination Committee for the Fight against HIV in Paca Ouest Corse. 

The programme can also be followed on the networks of our partners Libération, Komitid, La Provence, Sidaction, TÊTU, MGEN
 Launch of the catalogue of the exhibition "HIV/AIDS, the epidemic is not over! 

Coordinated by : Stéphane Abriol, Christophe Broqua, Renaud Chantraine, Caroline Chenu, Vincent Douris, Françoise Loux, Florent Molle and Sandrine Musso. 

With contributions from : Stéphane Akoka, Françoise Baranne, Emmanuelle Barbaras, Mary Bassmadjian, Pascale Bastiani, Dominique Blanc, Thibault Boulvain, Camille Cabral, Jean-Baptiste Carhaix, Isabelle Célérier, Michel Celse, Pascal Cesaro, Anne Coppel, Tom Craig, Didier da Silva, Gustave Dah, Hélène Delaquaize, Nicole Ducros, Mario Fanfani, Fabienne Hejoaka, Catherine Kapusta-Palmer Gaëlle Krikorian, Jean-Marc La Piana, Guillaume Lachenal, Gwenola Le Naour, Christophe Martet, Romain Mbiribindi, Paul-Emmanuel Odin, Fabrice Olivet, Patrick Philibert, Alain Pierre, Julien Ribeiro, Giovanna Rincon, Régis Samba-Kounzi, Thierry Schaffauser, Isabelle Sentis, Marie-Hélène Tokolo, Nicole Tsagué, Arnaud Veïsse, Emmanuel Vigier and Jörn Wolters.
 Since 2009, the Chéries-Chéris festival is the cultural and avant-garde event that breaks down borders and celebrates differences. This year, the festival will take place in the MK2 Beaubourg, MK2 Quai de Seine and MK2 Bibliothèque cinemas from 20 to 30 November 2021.

Peter Murimi
Kenya, USA, Canada, UK, 70', Documentary, VOSTF

Screening on 20 Nov. in the presence of Aude Le Moullec-Rieu, President of ARDHIS, and Régis Samba-Kounzi, photographer.
 APELA Congress, 22-24 September 2021 
Queer activisms and aesthetics in African literature 

Thursday 23/09/2021  / 8:30-10:30

Panel 3, salle ZOOM 1
Queer Photography from Africa 
Moderation : Markus Arnold

Nicola lo Calzo (Université Cergy-Pontoise) and Regis Samba Kounzi: Masculinity and queer bodies in the photographic work of Regis Samba Kounzi
 APELA Congress, 22-24 September 2021 
Queer activisms and aesthetics in African literature 

Thursday 23/09/2021  / 8:30-10:30

Panel 3, salle ZOOM 1
Queer Photography from Africa 
Moderation : Markus Arnold

Nicola lo Calzo (Université Cergy-Pontoise) and Regis Samba Kounzi: Masculinity and queer bodies in the photographic work of Regis Samba Kounzi
 On 21 July 2021, at 6pm (Paris), 5pm (Kinshasa and London), I will participate in the Beyond the Binary webinar entitled "Ubuntu: Defending a Humanity of Difference" with Congolese activists Orphée Mubake, Pamela Tekasala Sirius, Julie Makuala, Scaly Kep'na. The exchange will be moderated by anthropologist Thomas Hendriks. I invite you to register for the webinar here:

This webinar is an opportunity to discuss the experience of Congolese LGBTIAQ+ people and to give voice to our struggle for dignity, and to rehabilitate the history of sexual and gender minorities in French speaking Africa and the Diaspora to lead current struggles against AIDS, LGBTIAQ+phobias and racism. It will also be an opportunity to analyse my documentary and artistic work, which is deeply marked by the fight against HIV/AIDS, in particular, and more generally by the fight against dehumanization, oscillating between autobiographical narrative, aesthetic research and political approach.
 See past the constraints of gender and sexuality stereotypes and explore a world with unlimited possibilities, for everyone. ‟The Beyond the Binary‟ exhibition will open on 1 June  2021.
Exhibition of Coalition Plus from 1 to 30 September 2020, in Geneva with the support of AFD - The Agence Française de Développement and the City of Geneva.
How the Global Fund has changed my life‟: four Coalition PLUS activists testify
Photographic Exhibition « Only our courage is contagious »
 At The French Institute of Mauritius from 13 February to 21 March 2020
Screening of ‟Still Angry‟ at the ICASA 2019 conference in Rwanda
Screening of ‟Still Angry‟ at the ICASA 2019 conference in Rwanda
Catching up to HIV in francophone Africa: Lessons for the Replenishment.

Side event in the margin of the Global Funds' Sixth Replenishment Conference, October 8, 2019
In the margins of the 6th Global Fund Replenishment Conference, to finance the fight against HIV/AIDS. Screening of the documentary film ‟Toujours en colère‟ by Coalition Plus and DokoMundi, which illustrates the advocacy work of PILS (Mauritius), ALCS (Morocco), ANSS (Burundi) and ARCAD SIDA (Mali) for the rights of key populations. 
Lyon, October 8, 2019.
3rd edition of the AFRAMED 2019 conference in Casablanca with ALCS MAROC. Friday, September 27, 2019. Exhibition ‟Only our courage is contagious‟ and screening of the film ‟Always angry‟.
Screening on Thursday 26 September 2019 at AFD_France of the Coalition Plus advocacy documentary ‟Toujours en colère‟ on the central role of community actors and key populations in the fight against HIV, stigma, criminalization and for a more effective response.
Exhibition ‟Only our courage is contagious‟ organized by the association AIDES at the City Hall of Poitiers, for the fight against AIDS as part of the national campaign in support of the Global Fund. Until 17 October 2019.
Exhibition ‟Only our courage is contagious‟ and screening of the film ‟Toujours en colère‟ organized by Coalition Plus at the city hall of Nanterre. September 20, 2019.
Exhibition ‟Only our courage is contagious‟ organized by Coalition Plus at the city hall of Courbevoie. September 23, 2019
Exhibition ‟Only our courage is contagious!‟ June 19, 2019 at UHAI-EASHRI, Nairobi, Kenya
Festival NioFar 2019
Festival Niofar 2019
Public representations of AIDS / Mucem — A museum for the Mediterranean
Public representations of AIDS / Mucem — A museum for the Mediterranean
Workshop, ‟Public representations of AIDS‟, Mucem, 24 May 2019
International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia 2019
Coalition Plus Twitter account
Facebook page of the Coalition Plus
Screening and debate around the film ‟Toujours an anger‟ by CoalitionPLUS at the Institut Français. A film on the advocacy of the fight against AIDS in Morocco, Mali, Burundi and Mauritius.
Festival de Douarnenez
Sidaction Symposium at the AFRAVIH 2018 Conference Community 
Testing Experience with Alternatives Ivory Coast.
Video :
In addition to the conference, an exhibition of works by 
Régis Samba-Kounzi in the hall of 13 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris
Hornet campaign ‟My life, my app‟
Presentation of the project ‟Minorities‟ on June 14, 2017 At UHAI-EASHRI, Nairobi, Kenya
Exhibition of ‟Lolendo‟ from 11 to 13 May 2017
An exhibition at BOZAR / Palais des Beaux-Arts, as part of 
 Official poster of the 22nd edition of the Belgian Pride : ‟Asylum and Migration‟
Transversal - March/April 2017 - N°84
Public talk on LGBT activism in the world at University of Amsterdam, march 2017
 April 24, 2015. Invitation of Le Kitambala Agité  in Nasema 
the Broadcast on Radio Libertaire (89.4)
 World AIDS Day event in Paris in 1999
 World AIDS Day event in Paris in 1999
I join Act Up-Paris  on June 24, 2000, day of Lesbian and Gay Pride.