Co-published by the Palais de Tokyo and Fonds Mercator

This catalogue, which accompanies the exhibition Exposed, is not divided into chapters but rather interweaves different genres and modes of writing and documentation, with a variety of formats. It notably includes numerous short interviews and texts about the practices of the artists and the people involved, as well as specially commissioned essays, sequences of images representing the work of the artists featured in the exhibition, or documenting art projects that historically emerged in the context of these struggles.
Featured artists : Les Ami·e·s du Patchwork des noms, Bambanani Women’s Group, Bastille, yann beauvais, Black Audio Film Collective, Gregg Bordowitz, Jesse Darling, Moyra Davey, Guillaume Dustan, fierce pussy (Nancy Brooks Brody, Joy Episalla, Zoe Leonard, Carrie Yamaoka), Nan Goldin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Hervé Guibert, Barbara Hammer, Derek Jarman, Michel Journiac, Zoe Leonard, audrey liebot, Pascal Lièvre, Santu Mofokeng, Jean-Luc Moulène, Henrik Olesen, Bruno Pélassy, Benoît Piéron, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Jimmy Robert, Régis Samba-Kounzi & Julien Devemy, Marion Scemama, Lionel Soukaz & Stéphane Gérard, Georges Tony Stoll, Philippe Thomas, David Wojnarowicz

Featured authors : Clémence Allezard, Cécile Chartrain, Vinciane Despret, Mylène Ferrand, Amandine Gay, Philippe Joanny, Elisabeth Lebovici, Nicolas Linnert, Sylvère Lotringer, Tim Madesclaire, Helen Molesworth, Veronica Noseda, Peggy Pierrot, François Piron, Donald Rodney, Jane Solomon, Jo-ey Tang, Gaëtan Thomas
 Catalogue of the exhibition "HIV/AIDS, the epidemic is not over! 

Coordinated by : Stéphane Abriol, Christophe Broqua, Renaud Chantraine, Caroline Chenu, Vincent Douris, Françoise Loux, Florent Molle and Sandrine Musso. 

With contributions from : Stéphane Akoka, Françoise Baranne, Emmanuelle Barbaras, Mary Bassmadjian, Pascale Bastiani, Dominique Blanc, Thibault Boulvain, Camille Cabral, Jean-Baptiste Carhaix, Isabelle Célérier, Michel Celse, Pascal Cesaro, Anne Coppel, Tom Craig, Didier da Silva, Gustave Dah, Hélène Delaquaize, Nicole Ducros, Mario Fanfani, Fabienne Hejoaka, Catherine Kapusta-Palmer Gaëlle Krikorian, Jean-Marc La Piana, Guillaume Lachenal, Gwenola Le Naour, Christophe Martet, Romain Mbiribindi, Paul-Emmanuel Odin, Fabrice Olivet, Patrick Philibert, Alain Pierre, Julien Ribeiro, Giovanna Rincon, Régis Samba-Kounzi, Thierry Schaffauser, Isabelle Sentis, Marie-Hélène Tokolo, Nicole Tsagué, Arnaud Veïsse, Emmanuel Vigier and Jörn Wolters.

Catalogue tracing the social history of the AIDS epidemic and the fight against it, through archival documents (banners, leaflets, posters, association magazines and prevention brochures), objects (clothes, badges, red ribbons, medicine boxes, among others) as well as photographs and works of art.

Publishers : MUCEM & ANAMOSA
Samba-Kounzi, Régis, ‟ Ivory Coast: Making Visible the Invisible‟, in Pierre Bergé endowment fund (dir.), At the heart of the fight against AIDS with the endowment fund Pierre Bergé, Paris, Moderne, 2017 , pp. 187-205.